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1992 DCI Champions

The Cavaliers!


A Tradition Continues

(copied from a Cavalier Alumni letter)


The sweatshirt says "Tradition - - Never goes out of Style". An appropriate motto for the Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps. Founded in 1948 by the one constant over those years - "Mr. Cavalier", Don Warren. Each year marked a new milestone, however tradition has carried forward. Former Marching Members, FMM, can still relate to the current "Boys in Green".


Seeing the throng of marching members (present and past) after the show in Madison sing the Corps Song, tradition was never more evident. All of us cannot be marching members, but we can all be part of CABA and help out this tradition.


A Special Thank You to all who have made and continue to make The Cavaliers an organization we can be proud of. Without the marching members, the staff, the Corps management, the drivers, the cooks, the CPI workers, the Cavalier show organization, the Bingo workers, the sponsors and all other support people this tradition would not be able to continue, except in peoples memories.


The first glimmer I had of how great the '92 Cavalier edition could be was at a rehearsal, Tuesday, June 9, 1992. I thought to myself and then told anyone who would listen that the '92 Corps had a chance of duplicating the undefeated season of '61.


While sitting in the rain in DeKalb on June 19, 1992, I felt a certain presence when the Cavaliers took the field, from the time of their warm-up, till the time they trooped the stands one could sense the pride these young men had in "Being" Cavaliers - this pride is a "Tradition". As a FMM, I am proud to say this is my Corps - "The Cavaliers". Each year I think that this Corps cannot possibly exceed the previous corps in performance and each year I am proven wrong.


In Madison it seemed that everyone in the stands were waiting until The Cavaliers took the field. The entire crowd clapped their cadence as they took the field, cheered loudly for their performance and again clapped their cadence as they marched off the field - never have I seen a crowd so supportive of a single drum corps.


Sincerely, The Cavalier Drum & Bugle Corps, Don Warren, Jim Zientara



Last updated: 17 Jan 18

Forever Green

Dedicated to every man who ever hung a green gear around his neck and called himself a Cavalier.

Written for the young men who currently carry on our name.


  • Though we may never have met each other,
    our faces seem familiar. 

  • Though we may never have greeted one another,
    we share the same handshake.

  • Though we may never have spoken,
    our stories have the same ending.

  • Though we may never have marched side by side,
    our steps are identical.

  • Though we may never have sung "Rainbow" together, our voices are in tune.

  • Though we may never have shouted "SPLOOIE" together, only we know it's meaning.

  • Though we may never have taken the field together,
    we have walked in each other's shoes.

  • Though some of us may no longer wear our gears, each gear is necessary to form the machine.

  • Though we may be an older generation,
    we will never age out.

  • Though we may not share the same last name,
    we call each other brother.

For we share a common experience that only we can understand. There is no other corps like us.
We are a group of men who shared the same dreams, practiced for the same goals,
brought honor to the same uniform, felt pride in the same achievements, and share the spirit of the same brotherhood.This is what keeps us strong. This is why we are forever Cavaliers. This is why we are forever Green.
    Todd D. Harris FMM 86-87

"The Revolution was a Succes!"

To quote from Bob Morrison of the Pearl Corporation September 1992


"It is rare that an individual has the opportunity to strive to be the best in the World at anything! Yet to be able to achieve that status and to do so as part of a group is the most rewarding of all endeavors. All of you have worked hard to get to the peak of the summit. Congratulations! Now, please do me one favor. Sit back, relax and take in what you have done. The entire corps should savor every taste of this Championship now. I say this because it all will fade so quickly as other priorities in life come forward. Before you know it all that is left are the great memories. So, take the time now to enjoy this and create some great memories to cherish in the future!"


I must admit I am astounded by the overall awareness and response I have heard in public, on the phone, and through email. Teacher friends of mine found out returning from a Bahamas trip and screamed in delight in the middle of the Detroit airport when a member of the Regiment told them we had won. There have been a stream of newspaper clippings and cards from all over. I will get them together for the banquet. Also, at least four major Chicago radio stations announced the results during the week following, two TV stations may pick up the story by the end of September and the Rosemont Times made it the big story for the week.


You know the more I've thought about it, the more I've come to realize that the win at DCI was only the icing on the cake of a truly wonderful summer experience. (Not bad for icing huh?)


As I think back and retrace the days of finals week, Friday night's performance and excitement, Thursday's practice and tension as we moved closer, Wednesday's fun at the stadium and I&E, the watermelons, the bad acts and the good food at the T.S.I., Bloomington, Jackson, Texas, Nashville, Buffalo, DCM (NOT!), Michigan/Rockford weekend, Dixon (NOT--NOT!!), the Beatles concert, bungee jumping and the rain at the "Taste of White Trash" in Lisle, the closeness we began to feel at the Belvedere show, all the weather on first tour, the tornado, the lightning, the accidents, all the trips to Plymouth, the fire, dropping the trailer, DeKalb and Triton practices, the Rockford Spring Preview, the drill, music & audition camps. WOW! What a year. What a group. Think about where you personally started last year with the corps--the first trip to Rosemont, the anticipation, the not-knowing if you were doing the right thing, the wonder for some of you if you would make the cut and how it would go for the duration.


We all came very far this year, gentlemen, and I can think of no other group that deserved everything they received. You are the best and that is no longer doubted by anyone! I have enclosed the official letter from DCI, a recap, Jolesch pictures, your United Airlines discount coupons (read carefully) and your patch. If you owe dues, I still have your patch. I will be sending you a letter in the next week or two about your rings. You must respond to it quickly. You will not be able to order a ring until your dues have been paid in full for '92 and you have no outstanding housing costs. We are attempting to have the rings by the banquet. If you owe us anything, I have noted it in this letter--if there is no note--no problem!


You will receive a banquet invitation in October. Please respond to it quickly. The Mayor has decided to host the banquet in our honor. It will be held on Sunday afternoon, December 20 at the brand new Grand Ballroom of the Rosemont Expo Center (Jackets required). The catering will be top-notch. We're working on the music and some other enhancements. I would encourage everyone to attend as I'm sure it will be a memorable event! Bring your camera. There is a good possibility of the Sofitel and the Radisson Hotels offering special affordable rates. You're invitation will also detail the cost for guests, friends, relatives and jealous members of other units. It's good to be World Champions!


Call or write if you have the time, otherwise study and work hard.


Be the Best. Jeff Fiedler

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