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 Corps Housing Needs

In order for a corps to properly be ready for their summer tour, they often need to secure housing sites

around the Country. It's always best to have information about the Housing site before June 1st,

before they venture out on their Summer Tour.

Here are some items that they require, as well as what an average corps uses/needs.

The name and address of the housing site.

The primary contacts name, phone number, email address.

How You Benefit:

The opportunity to witness the behavior of world class Drum Corps members, who are only a few years older than high school students, can be a great example of focus, teamwork and commitment that will help to enhance the culture of your band program. It is very likely that by witnessing the intense work ethic, personal responsibility and obvious benefits that members create for themselves, your students can learn to raise the quality of their own marching and musical experience. The obvious respect and care that each and every Drum Corps member will demonstrate in the handling of his/her equipment alone will be enough to create an impression on your band members.

What does a corps visit mean for your campus?

•  The duration of a corps stay may be from 1 to 3 days.

•  During the corps visit a school representative should be on hand or in the immediate area.

•  Insurance policies will be in place and documented before the corps arrival.

•  You can count on corps staff to be highly professional and treat all school personnel and facilities with respect.

•  Members will be extremely courteous and exercise the utmost care for your facility.

   They operate under the understanding that they are to leave a facility in better order than they found it.

•  Corps go out of their way to be as self-sufficient as possible so as to not disrupt operations at your school.

•  Most rehearsals will be open to anyone on your campus.

Facility Accommodations

In selecting a housing site, please consider the number of people and vehicles a corps travels with and the facilities it requires to accommodate a large operation.

  • 154 marching members

  • 6-10 management staff

  • 20-30 instructional staff

  • 20-30 support staff

  • 12-15 drivers

  • Three 53' tractor trailers

    • (electrical and water hook-ups may be needed for food truck)

  • Five 53' coach buses

  • One box truck with attached trailer

  • One mini van

Rehearsal Spaces
  • 3 full sized grass or artificial turf fields

    • (300' x 160')
  • Access to 3 large indoor or covered outdoor spaces in case of inclement weather (this can include the gym, auditorium, cafeteria etc . . . )

  • Access to on-site rehearsal spaces are preferred to offsite spaces

  • Concrete/asphalt surfaces are not preferred due to health and safety concerns



Sleeping arrangements
  • A High school or Middle school gymnasium to accommodate 154 marching members

  • One large band/chorus room or four averaged sized classrooms for the 20-30 instructional staff

  • A minimum of five average sized classrooms for management and support staff

  • A minimum of three average sized classrooms for drivers. These rooms need to be dark, quiet, and cool to allow proper rest during daylight hours

  • Upon arrival, it is imperative that the sleeping arrangements be immediately available

Updated: 20 Apr 21

Shower and Restroom
  • A minimum of 20 working shower-heads with hot water

  • A minimum of 2 sets of separate restrooms (not including the locker room) throughout the facility


​If a laundry facility is available on site, needs to accommodate large loads. Laundry is not necessary, but would help considerably. If no facility is on site, would help considerably to know a few laundromat sites which can accommodate large loads, and/or multiple students at once.

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