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Kids are given the opportunity to participate in some of the most prestigious events in the world. Each year members participate in numerous high profile ceremonies celebrating sporting events and political inaugurations as well as movie premieres and television commercials. Performers have performed with recording acts such as Shania Twain and Destiny's Child, appeared on MTV, the Late Show with David Letterman and the Today Show, as well as being featured performers in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Programs have also provided ensembles for professional sports teams around the country.



Competitive drum corps take part in a summer tour, visiting various cities around the country and participating in competitions. Competitions occur on football fields. Every year, each drum corps prepares a single show, approximately 8–12 minutes in length, and carefully refines this throughout the entire summer tour. This focus on a single show takes advantage of the large amount of time needed to hone and refine a modern drum corps program, with a momentum that continues to build toward the last performance of the season – championships.



Each year, tens of thousands of high school and college students are stimulated by the extraordinary young men and women performing in Drum Corps International events throughout North America. The incredible achievements of today's corps are a direct result of the dedication of thousands of educators to the enrichment of the lives of young people through music and the performing arts. Many of today's performers will become the next generation of teachers, helping to instill in their students a "commitment to excellence" of their own.

2024 DCI Season Opener - Tentatively




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