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Sluggo and Celebrities

Since I have been flying with American, I have met several celebrities on a few of my flights, or in passing in the airports.  I try to list them as I have them on flights, or post pictures with them (if I'm lucky). I will try to post them here when I get the chance.  I have also met several celebrities while not flying.  Those people are listed below too.

Brian Watts from the PGA

Dan Dierdorf NFL player/commentator

Stedman Graham Oprah's friend

Village People

Rob Schneider actor

Chris Cooper actor

Jon Gruden NFL coach/commentator

Jesse Jackson

Dick Butkus NFL player/coach

Brian Williams MSNBC Anchor

Wynonna Judd Singer

Kendra Todd The Apprentice

Rebecca DeMornay actress

Molly Sims actress

Clive Davis Producer

Persia White actress

Howie Mandel comedian

Sean Penn actor

Johnny Dark actor

Eric McCormack actor

Richard Ackerman producer

Madonna actress/singer

Duran Duran Rock group

Mira Sorvino actress

Mathew Blank chairman/CEO Showtime

Hunter Parrish actor

Richard Griffiths actor

Harry Smith CBS anchor

Delta Burke actress

Winona Ryder actress

Diane Rajsic actress

Jonathan Rhys Meyers actor

William Shatner actor

Jeff Kreiner CBS Creative Director

John Schneider actor

Sorrell Booke actor

Dick Van Patten actor

Jessica Lucas actress

Kimberly Cox actress

Stephen Hill producer

Mena Suvari actress

Cuba Gooding Jr. actor

Mike Carey NFL Ref

Andi Peters producer, actor

Virginia Madsen actress

Nick Holmes actor

George Wendt Cheers

Christopher Lowell Discovery Channel

Sue Johanson OH! Oxygen sex educator

Steve Austin  Stone Cold WWE/actor

Steven Cojocaru ET!, Today

Jeremy Piven actor

Vanessa Williams actress

Dixie Carter actress

Susan Sarandon actress

Peter Boyle actor

McCauley Caulkin actor

Donatella Versace Fashion

Levar Burton actor

Lisa Gay Hamilton actress

David Hasselfhoff actor

Dennis Swanson TV Executive

Charles Durning actor

William Sadler actor

Gilbert Gottfried actor

Master P actor/singer

Elizabeth Banks actress

Mark Mendoza singer

Keith Carradine actor

Christopher Backus actor

George Schweitzer CBS Marketing

Hilda Muppet - voice

Randy Harrison actor

Jessica Biel actress

Julia Louis-Dreyfus actress

Lisa Lovbrand actress

Brad Weston producer

Alfonso Ribeiro actor

George Pataki  53rd Governor NY

Joan Rivers actress

Melissa Rivers actress

Twiggy Water Skiing Squirrel

Lisa Whelchel actress

Lizzy Caplan actress

Michael Mann Producer

Patricia Wettig actress

Kyle Chandler actor

Ashton Kutcher actor

Tom Irwin actor

J.B. Pritzker 43rd Governor IL



RED = deceased

Updated: 14 Sep 23



Carson Kressley Queer Eye

Thom Filicia Queer Eye

Kyan Douglas Queer Eye

Geraldine Ferraro Politian

Amy Grant singer

Kathy Griffin Comedian

Kathy Kinney Comedian/actor

Cedric the Entertainer Comedian/actor

Eric Sullivan Actor

Ty Pennington Actor

Al Sharpton Politician/Reverend

Mike Chiklis actor

Lauren Bacall actress

Judd Hirsch actor

Samantha Mathis actress

Marc E. Platt Producer

John Lithgow actor

Pierce Brosnan actor

Marlo Thomas actress

Lil' Romeo actor/singer

Lance Bass actor

Eddie Ojeda singer

Michael Ostin producer

Billie Jean King athlete

Peter Marino architect

Dr. Teeth Muppet

Doris Roberts actress

Larry Harmon producer

Gary Sinise actor

Nick Cannon actor

Tyra Banks actress

Marcus Allen athlete

Eric Roberts actor

Wayne Newton entertainer

Hal Linden actor

Randy Quaid actor

Gayle King actress

Mike Vogel actor

Kanye West singer

Leeza Gibbons actress

John C. Reilly actor

Rene Russo actress

Seth Green actor

Chris Carter athlete/commentator

Aziz Ansari actor


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