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Mother Lets Toddler Use the Bathroom in the Aisle, gets Instagram Shamed - FlyerTalk

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

By: Jackie Reddy

Mother Lets Toddler Use Bathroom in Aisle, gets Instagram Shamed - FlyerTalk

A still shot of an incident in which a woman swore at cabin crew after being asked not to allow her toddler to use a potty seat she had placed in the aisle has drawn anger, criticism and disgust on Instagram. The incident was shared via the platform’s ‘Passenger Shaming’ feed earlier this week.

A woman swore at crew members after being asked not to let her toddler use the potty seat which she had placed directly in the aisle of an aircraft. A still shot of the incident was shared via Instagram‘s ‘Passenger Shaming‘ feed earlier this week, the Mirror reports.

Both the woman and the details of the particular flight on which the incident occurred are not known.

It is also reported that the woman was asked by the crew of the flight to take her child and use one of the plane’s lavatories. When presented with this option, the outlet reports that the mother is have said to told crew, “I don’t give a s***.”

Unsurprisingly, the incident has garnered much attention from the platform’s users, many of whom expressed both their bewilderment and disgust at the situation as well as their criticism of the woman’s parenting skills. “People are eating and that’s the equivalent of having your child go to the bathroom in the middle of a restaurant,” one wrote, while another simply said, “Yucksssss!!!!”

“Just don’t understand people….like what part of that seemed ok?,” asked another member of the public. “Here’s a lovely thought – she would have to rinse the potty in the lavatory sink. Where other passengers wash their hands,” read a further comment.

The caption underneath the photo reads, “PRO TRAVEL PARENTING TIP: Use the lavatory for your child…Obviously not shaming or identifying the child. But this literal s*** is happening out there, folks.”


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