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[x86]They exist in most living creatures, but a new study reveals that, like plants, mice have the ability to sense blue light as well. Just like plants, mice can sense blue light. And they do so in a way similar to human color vision. In this new study, a team of researchers from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and the University of Basel in Switzerland used zebrafish to figure out how mice sense different wavelengths of light. Blue light and human color vision are based on two different systems. While humans detect light that is in the green, yellow, orange, red and violet wavelengths, our eyes can only sense light in the blue wavelength range. "Mice are very much like human in that they have very similar trichromatic vision, [just] on a smaller scale," said study author Eric Betzig of the University of Michigan. [Top 10 Reasons You Should Become a Scientist] Betzig's team compared how mouse and zebrafish eyes responded to blue light. By illuminating zebrafish and mice with different wavelengths of light, the researchers could determine how the animals' eyes adjusted. Zebrafish eyes have a cone-dominated retina, and in response to blue light, their eyes dilate. But mouse retinas are dominated by rods, which are different from cones in that they don't respond to light with the same sensitivity. However, mice are capable of sensing blue light as well. Like zebrafish, when they are exposed to blue light, they dilate. Betzig and his colleagues also demonstrated that mice and zebrafish eyes sense different wavelengths of light differently. For instance, mice's cone cells are more sensitive to the shorter wavelengths of light in the blue, while zebrafish cones react to all wavelengths. The study reveals that mice and zebrafish sense blue light in a way that is reminiscent of human trichromatic vision. "You can think about it as an analogy to a color wheel that has three spokes," Betzig said. "The blue spoke is just the cone-dominated retina in the mouse." The study was published recently in the journal Nature Neuroscience. Originally published on Live Science.Clinical management of acute respiratory viral infections: is there a role for vaccination? Hospitalization and respiratory viral infections are major public health concerns in all industrialized countries. The majority of respiratory viral infections are caused by RNA viruses. No antiviral drugs



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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21.0.1 Content Pack (x86x64) SadeemPC Keygen

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